Finance and Banking Toward TURKEY'S 2023 Goals

ONLINE Congress on October 15-16, 2020


Abstract Submission : October 5, 2020
Congress Registration : October 8, 2020
Congress Program : October 11, 2020
Full Text Submission : November 30, 2020

Featured Speakers

Nisvet Hrnjic

Economy Minister of Central Bosnia Canton

Ahmet Erglić

Vice President of The Foreign Trade Chamber of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Dr. Serkan Yüksel

Director of Department of Istanbul Finance Center, Presidency of The Republic of Turkey

Prof. Dr. Mohammed Safarzadeh

University of Southern California, USA

Prof. Dr. Hamid Falatoonzadeh

University of Redlands, USA

Prof. Dr. Majed Muhtaseb

Cal Poly Pomona, USA

Prof. Dr. Abderrezzak Benhabib

University of Tlemcen, ALGERIA

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Benbouziane

University of Tlemcen, ALGERIA

Prof. Dr. Samia Nour

University of Khartoum, SUDAN

Assc. Prof. Ainur Nogayeva

L.N.Gumilyov Eurasian National University, KAZAKHSTAN

Dr. Elwasila Mohamed

University of Khartoum, SUDAN

Dr. Meric Keskinel

Loyola Marymount University, USA

About Us

KAYES Congress series is organized by Euroasia Socio-Economic Research Association, founded in Turkey. The third of the series is going to be held online on October 15-16, 2020 with the theme of “Finance and Banking Toward Turkey’s 2023 Goals.” KAYES III is going to focus on works and panels on the Istanbul Finance Center that Turkey aims to make a global finance center, and on this path, what was done and what needs to be done in terms of finance and banking system; along with, how the Bosnia and Herzegovina banking system works, its international integration, and problems.

We are holding the congress with the collaboration of the International University of Sarajevo.

International University of Sarajevo became a rising star in the middle of Europe with its curriculum, modern labs, faculty members from many different countries and international collaborations developed since its founding in 2003. The University has more than 2000 undergraduate and graduate students from more than 50 countries.

Congress Topics

KAYES III Congress will discuss many different topics on finance and banking, with special emphasis given to Istanbul Finance Center, Bosnia and Herzegovina finance and banking system, and international finance and banking.

The Istanbul Finance Center

  • The Istanbul Finance Center: Its Potential, Determinants and Consequences to Become an International Finance Center
  • World Finance Centers
  • Financial Clustering
  • Turkish Financial Market
  • Global Financial Integration

Canal Istanbul Project

  • World Canals
  • Financial Operation of Canals

International Financial Markets

  • Financial Liberalization
  • International Financial Institutions
  • Financial Markets and Financialization
  • Limits of Finance and Future Developments
  • Financial Market Risks
  • Sustainable Finance and Banking
  • Globalization of Financial and Capital Markets

Financialization and Technology

  • Financialization and Technology Policies
  • E-finance and Digital Money
  • Financial Technologies Market (Fintech)
  • Financial Engineering
  • Artificial Intelligence in Banking

Global Financial Crises

  • Brexit Process and Its Reflections
  • International Financial Crises From Past to Present
  • Reflections of Financial Crises in International Regulations
  • The Economic Effects of Global Finance Crises
  • The Effects of Global Financial Crises on the Turkish Economy

Islamic Finance and Banking

  • Central Banking in Islamic Economy
  • Islamic Financial Markets and Institutions
  • Credit Rating Agencies in the Islamic Financial System
  • Islamic Financial Intermediary Institutions
  • Islamic Exchange Applications
  • Islamic Financial Market Instruments
  • Participation Banking and Risk Management
  • Financial Management and Funding in Islamic Economy

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Congress Program

You may find the program below.

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