Agriculture Finance and Agricultural Support Policies

Congress Topics

KAYES III Congress will discuss many different topics on agriculture and animal husbandry, with special emphasis given to Organic Farming and the Future of Ancient Seeds, the Agricultural Sector and Policies in the World and Turkey, Agricultural Cooperatives.

Organic Farming and the Future of Ancient Seeds

  • Organic Farming in Turkey and the World
  • Organic Farming and Human Health
  • The Ancient Seed Project of Turkey
  • Certification and Documentation Systems
  • The Importance of Consumer Awareness in Agriculture

The Agriculture Sector and The Agricultural Policies

  • World Agricultural Output
  • Agricultural Policies in Europea
  • Agricultural Policies in the North America
  • Agricultural Policies in the South America
  • Agricultural Policies in Africa
  • Agricultural Policies in the Middle East
  • Agricultural Policies in Asia
  • Agricultural Policies in Australia
  • International Institutions in Agriculture
  • Agriculture and the Covid-19 Pandemic

Agricultural Sector in Turkey and Agricultural Policies

  • Agricultural Output in Turkey
  • Tourism in Agriculture
  • Employment in Agriculture
  • Agriculture and Migration
  • Agriculture and Rural Development
  • Collaboration of Agriculture with Manufacturing and Services Sectors
  • Cost and Pricing in Agriculture
  • The Agricultural Policies in Turkey
  • Productivity in Agriculture

Agricultural Policy Reforms in Turkey

  • Legislative Arrangements in Agriculture
  • The Wholesale Market Law
  • Food Security
  • Agribusiness Management
  • Agricultural Logistics
  • Agricultural Marketing
  • Agri-Food Economics and Management
  • Organized Agricultural Zones
  • The Southeastern Anatolia Project
  • The Konya Plain Project
  • Agricultural Basin Model

Sustainability in Agriculture

  • Agriculture and Environmental Sustainability
  • Agriculture and Social Sustainability
  • Agriculture and Economic Sustainability

Agriculture Finance and Agricultural Support Policies

  • Banking and Agricultural Credits
  • Financial Markets and Agriculture
  • Agricultural Exchanges
  • Agricultural Insurance
  • Agricultural Supports
  • Finance in AgriBusinesses
  • Sustainability in Agricultural Finance
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